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G503 WWII 1944 Ford GPW field mod to replace faulty Valve Cover Studs

This March 1945 Army Motors magazine article shows a problem with engine numbers 232051 thru 243405 had a problem with the valve cover studs

This article applies to Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Sometimes, you find important tid-bits by looking through historical periodicals. The Army Motors March 1945 edition had a subtle note for GPW engine #
232051 (Oct 44)
243405 (Dec 44)
had a couple of valve cover stud replacements.

Note: the GPW DOD timeframe could be :
mid Nov 44 to end of Jan 45.

2. In summary, for about two months, the screw in the old diagram was found that if you put too much pressure on these screws, they are likely to crack or break the bosses.

Note: The Engine cutout is looking from the bottom up.

Next paragraph was the write up.

3. Take the time to read the article and review with the pictures above. It is a good thing to know, especially of you have removed your valve cover recently.

4. Although this article is directed at Ford vehicles initially, it may apply to Willys owners who have Ford engine blocks (in this engine range)
or with a Ford block casting dates of :
J-10-4 to k-29-4

Special Thanks to Tom W. for additional clearification.

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