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G503 WWII Jeep 1944 Ford GPW Jeep History

The G503 WWII Jeep 1944 Ford GPW has an important place in history. Here some interesting notes about the Jeep history for this time period.

This article applies to Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Ford Contracts
Ford had 5 contracts with the Government to build the Willys design jeep. They were as follows: (summarized from Nabholtz information)


Contract #Serial #Date of DeliveryHow Many?(Approx)
F-11-15000Feb 42-Apr 4215,000
F-215001-78146Apr 42-Nov 4263,147
F-378147-101304Nov 42-Mar 4323,158
F-4101305-179758Mar 43-Jan 4478,454
F-4 Ext 1179759-226205Jan 44-Oct 4446,447
F-4 Ext 2225206-252741Oct 44-Feb 4526,536
F-5252742-277878Feb 45-July 4525,136

3. A Ford Jeep produced in 1944 could be under one contract:
Contract F-4
Serial numbers: 170022-243418

4. F-4 Contract distinct Features
Main Switch: moved to Rotary switch Jul 44
Tires: Firestone
Front Bumper: GPW type 2 tooling holes, wood block filler
Oil Filter: Fram, cone shaped outboard drain
Rear Crossmember: similar tooling holes as front bumper
Radiator Hose: Top-metal in black or OD
Battery Cable: Round-braided (ground)
Reflectors changed to Oval type GUIDE not F stamped
Crating started during this time
Body: late in this year move to ACM I
Tire pump: US-ORD

5. F-4 Contract 1st ext Features
Body: ACM II
Wipers: Hand Tandem
Suppression: Type I

F-4 Contract Production by Month

MonthSerial NumberHow Many?
Jan 44170022-1774817459
Feb 44177482-1850217539
Mar 44185022-1910155993
Apr 44191016-1965655549
May 44196566-2025595993
Jun 44202560-2083315771
Jul 44208332-2141035771
Aug 44214104-2200975993
Sep 44220098-2258695771
Oct 44225870-2318245954
Nov 44231825-2377035878
Dec 44237704-2434185714

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